Enterprise Integrations

In the summer of 2023 Grammarly was exploring  enterprise level integrations to power its proprietary GPT. The objective was to sync files within an organization, so the output was contextual to your organizations vocabulary and subject matter. Imagine chatting with a GPT that could not only give you generalized feedback, but deeply understood the inner workings of your own organization and projects.

My role was to design the set of integrations to sync the files. When I joined, there was some minimal design work done, as well as a beta version of one integration.

Role UX, UI

Untitled design – 2

These tools were being used by Grammarly Enterprise Customers, most often an IT/Admin responsible for managing the Grammarly account within their org.

Scope & Constraints

We were working within Grammarly's existing design system. Our timeline did not allow for development of net new components.

A key concern of early beta testers was the ability to exclude sensitive files from being crawled for information. We built an interface, to let users flag any documents containing a specific word and exclude them from being surfaced by our Grammarly.

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Selected Works

Grammarly - ConnectorsProduct Design

Unbounce - Behavior SetsProduct Design

Unbounce - Core ValuesVisual Design

sandygunn.caBranding, Visual Design, Website Design