D2L-Presentation 2.019

GRU Gardens

Create a service that would help new hobby gardeners learn what works best for their balcony and support them through their first summer.

Role UX, UI, Branding, Research


By interviewing the target market of new urban gardeners, as well as analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing gardening apps I was able to get to the core of the problem. The result was a list of 5 key situations to solve for. They were as follows:

  • As a novice urban gardener, I would like guidance through my first season and the ability to monitor my garden so that I always feel connected and supported. 
  • As someone who works 50+ hours per week, I would like reminders & tips so that I can successfully manage my garden, even with a busy schedule.
  • As an apartment dweller I want to know what kinds of herbs & vegetables are suitable to grow in my small space so that I can avoid problems. 
  • As a Vancouverite, I would like access to information about my microclimate and what plants are suitable so that I can choose appropriately. 
  • As a condo dweller I would like to know how to grow vegetables under poor conditions (no sun, dry air, indoors etc.) so that I can successfully grow my own food.  

Wireframe & Plan User Flows

The above user stories provided the basis for a plan for the app. The user flow map below outlines the primary path through the app, and what screens would be required. 



Selected Works